Delia Mute in Grave Grotto

Jul 15

Delia Mute

Another small grid roguelike. I think this one came out slightly better than my 7drl from this year. It is my first big project that I did for pico-8, and it took about a week to finish it off.

Play it here.

Nightmare Cooperative

Aug 14

nightmare cooperative

A small grid roguelike in which you control multiple characters simulatanously. I have posted a few of my thoughts on the development here.

Links to buy (and more maketing) here: Nightmare Cooperative

All Together / Candy Bomb

Jan 14

all together / candy bomb

Two small puzzle games, my first ever puzzle games. Were incredibly fun to create. All together is a bit difficult, and probably the more unique of the two. Candy bomb was made for the candyjam.

all together candy bomb


Oct 13


A two player game which you control by rolling around on the floor. It is themed as a caterpillar simulator. Nomimated for Amaze 2014 Human Human Computer award, and shown in the 2014 alt.ctrl.gdc exhibit. Also shown in london, nottingham, and edinburgh.

More information, including news articles


Jul 13


Jun 13


Single screen local multiplayer game. Released on (nearly) every platform. Marks Lucky Frame’s official switch to Unity.

More information and purchase links

Wave Trip

Jan 13
! trip)! The final game in the set of music creation games that we did at Lucky Frame. I am sure there will be more, the next thing we do will not be as clearly connected. This game is a cross between a cave flyer and sound shapes. I am really proud of the game design decisions that we made on this one, I think it is both accessible and deep. "Wave Trip Website":

Bad Hotel

Aug 12
! hotel)! The next big luckyframe project, bad hotel is a music tower defense game. It is based on the prototype that is lower down this same page, but extended out into a full game. "Bad Hotel Website":

Pug Synth

Jan 12
! synth)! We took one of the things that people liked most from pugs luv beats, and spun it out into its own app. This was a pretty quick and fun project. It is a bit like a more whimsical version of "bebot":, an app that we all really like. "Pugs Synth on itunes store":

Pugs Luv Beats

Dec 11
! luv beats)! I will probably do a bigger post on the concept and development and such, but in short, this is a music _composition_ game. The difference is that most music games are performance games, and as such focus on the creative pursuit of generally playing other peoples music. We tried to make something that is more about creating your own music. It was an intensly collaborative project with my friends at "Lucky Frame": . And at 6 months in prototyping and development, the longest game project that I have done by a factor of 10^4. "Pugs Luv Beats on itunes store": "Pugs Luv Beats Website": "Nice writeup on Create Digital Music":


Aug 11
!! A two player game for Ludum Dare mini 28. More or less a clone of crossfire, the finest ball bearing game from the 90s. I did more of a "writeup on LD": about the making of. I am hoping to make this part of a suite of two player games for ipad / iphone. "Pyoing on itunes store":


Jul 11
!! A project for the Edinburgh festivals lab, using their new api. I was also interested in using both webGL and processingjs on this project, and it worked out pretty great I think. The art was done by Lucky Frame's newest employee, Sean McIlroy. I think he did an awesome job breathing life into these little beasties. The other fun thing was extending processing js to support the necessary code for doing texture mapping and tinting of images. That code should be on the main branch shortly. Of course, there is "a much better writeup on the Lucky Frame blog": "Festipods":


May 11
!! Made with "luckyframe": The most reductive flash gambling game that we could come up with. Even so, it has a few features. An intersting experiment in what makes gambling fun, and how little gambling you can have around to have something be fun. "UNISLOT on kongregate":

Bad Hotel

May 11
! hotel)! An action puzzeler building game made for "ludum dare 20": With music from "Yann Seznec": You can see the whole development journal here. It is kind of a pain to play, but you can create cool looking "DLA": style buildings in it, until they get knocked down by missiles. "Bad Hotel Flash":


Oct 10
!! A cellular automata based sequencer and synthesizer. Is available in the app store and is still in ongoing development. To a large extent, it is an experiment in pushing the boundaries of apples "no interpreters" rule. "Wiresq appstore": "Wiresq Demo Video":


Mar 10
!! Standard shmup, except sometimes you have to catch the bullets, and sometimes you don't, depending on who is shooting. Even though the _level one_ title would suggest that there is more than one level, there is not. It is about the first time I talked to my girlfriend. "Drinky win":


Feb 10
!! A game for "gamma 4": This is basically the last game with _better_ graphics. "Bibababoa osx":

Fun a Day 3

Jan 10
!! One button game, done in about two hours. I reused some code for the main character, and the whole thing is build with the help of "openframeworks": I am into the double jumping. "Fun a Day 3 osx 10.5":


Aug 09
!! Hey! Its some iPhone software, how nice. Coming off a giant chunk of monome programming, it made perfect sense for me to port some monome style controls to the iphone. Also this soft sounds super great with just a bunch of amen breaks (sorry, dev version only). So, basically I ripped off an app called "flip": and then with a ton of help from my friends at luckyframe, we put together a sweet toy for the iphone. This was the first time I actually sold something that I had wholley designed myself, and it was also the first time I ever did any c programming. Basically a super fun nightmare trainwreck daydream. "You can buy it by clicking this link.":


Jul 08
!! "Monome": software based on "mabalhabla": I took the core of a modal midi keyboard, and added four layers, as well as arpeggiators and event recorders. I have used it for the past two years in my band "shambolish": I have intended for the entire time to make a release ready version of it, but never got around to it. So here is what will be an endless beta of the software. Please contact me if you have any need for further instructions on how to use the software. "SHM for max5":


May 06
!! My first game! Press left and right to swing from the different connection points. I am totally into the menu screens, the randomness of the game kinda bites it though. "Avoid web": "Avoid osx (PowerPC)": "Avoid windows":
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