!(left_img)! I did this album because I was bursting at the seams, and I needed to play live. This is the first time that I played drums in a band since highschool, and the only time that I have ever sung in a band. The live show lasted from August 24th 2007 until approximately August 2008. I played at least once a month in Pittsburgh (sometimes several times a week), and thanks to the very friendly guy, Baron Knoxburry, played in Detroit and Ann Arbor. I could not have done this without the help of the hexawe crew as well. These songs are mostly about my exes, with the exception of _There is no name_ which is about how much I like prog rock. I and gave away somewhere in the realm of 40 copies of this album in handmade cdr, then I used the money I made to put it on amazon and itunes. "Download Zip":
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