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Nov 09


A chuck of super cliche techno bangers! feel it! Thanks again to proc records for being amazing.

Download zip from proc records

Thank you Mr. Clap (TWR R2)

Feb 09


Remix of a frostedtreesnowyfloor track I found on 8bc. My second remix that I would consider as an actual remix rather than just a sample fodder thing.

Download LGPT SRC
OR Listen to the MP3 from HEXAWE


Dec 08


Feeling totally bummed out, I made this super harsh improvisational noise album in the course of 24 hours. I also produced an extremely short run of 3 nice cds with printing and packaging. I have yet to sell/give them away.

All these tracks were made with a wall of amps, a loop pedal, a floor tom, a bass guitar, a vocal mic, and DS-10.

ProcRecs stepped up and released it along with some really nice superlatives. I would suggest that you go read further on their site.

Download zip from proc records

Bad Sectors - The Wizard Rises 2+3+4

Oct 08


MUCH LOVE TO PROC RECZ! I started doing The Wizard Rises with two limitations: The entire set needs to be transportable by bike and There is no such thing as cliche.


Another side goal is to explore how close to actual techno I can get. This all comes kinda close. These tracks were produced on DS-10 and LGPT.

The zipfile below contains a whole bunch of artists, including myself. All of the releases are 1.44meg.

Download zip from proc records


Jan 08


I did this album because I was bursting at the seams, and I needed to play live. This is the first time that I played drums in a band since highschool, and the only time that I have ever sung in a band. The live show lasted from August 24th 2007 until approximately August 2008. I played at least once a month in Pittsburgh (sometimes several times a week), and thanks to the very friendly guy, Baron Knoxburry, played in Detroit and Ann Arbor. I could not have done this without the help of the hexawe crew as well.

These songs are mostly about my exes, with the exception of There is no name which is about how much I like prog rock.

I and gave away somewhere in the realm of 40 copies of this album in handmade cdr, then I used the money I made to put it on amazon and itunes.

Download Zip

Tried To Warn You

Sep 07


One of the better tracks I wrote for the LGPT + Drums + Voice project. I was trying to just use very basic wave forms on all of these things.

On another note, I really feel at home with the HexAwe krew, they have helped me out musically more than I can really comprehend, and I feel like the friendships I have made with them are some of the strongest I have made with people on the internet. IRC FTW.

Download LGPT SRC
OR Listen to the MP3 from HEXAWE

Pillar of Schmaltz

May 07

Pillar of Schmaltz

Electro vs. Burt Bacharact. All LGPT, cover by onnyc

Download zip

This shower is a suspended bucket

Apr 07

suspended bucket

First time getting remixed, first time releasing a track that wasn’t 4/4. I am pretty happy with the production on this one.

Download zip from melt records

Boss Level

May 06

An album that I completed in a month in 2006 for NARMO.org. I tried to put vocals or a live instrument on every track. It turned out ok, all things considered. Please don’t sing any of these songs to me though, it kinda drives me up a tree to listen to them.

Boss Level – JonBro – Download


Jan 05


Released on Floppyswop, a netlabel for releases that fit on 1.44 meg floppys. I was getting into acid house at the time, and I think it shows. Also with a nice little pixely cover.

Download zip from floppyswop


Apr 04


Released on GainLad, I wrote quite a bit of this while sitting in a car in california. Although gainlad is a lo-bit / gameboy music label, I actually wrote most of this in buzz and the demo version of renoise.

Download from gainlad

Album 1

Jan 04

I made all of these tracks from 2003 – 2004 during a totally awesome relationship. There were some other tracks that I produced around this time period but alot of them were totally crap remixes of top 40 songs.

Album 1 – JonBro – Download

Album 0

Jan 01

I completed this album in high school. It contains most of my musicial creation from that period, except for a few choice tracks that I did with my band at the time.

All of the track titles have been lost, so you will just have to make them up yourself.

Album 0 – JonBro – Download

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