2015 Year in review

Here is a list of the things I made/did in 2015.


MGLEd graphic

I think this is fair enough to put on here, even though I am now working on it again. I had intended to actually make more games with it, but it turned out that wasn’t really my style. I think I was making it for other people, and it turned out to not be for anyone but myself, really.


Salvage Crew

Salvage Crew

A game for 7drl, made in collaboration with Cale Bradbury and Sal Farina. I don’t think it turned out too great, but I finished it in time for 7drl at least.

Chain Jam 2 / Episode 5

chain jam ep 5

I made a little myst style game for this jam. I swapped graphical styles about 4 times over the course of 2 days, but somehow it turned out relatively coherent.

Contract Work

I spent a bunch of time working on contract work that has yet to be released. Hopefully this year?

Sector Editor

Sector Ed 1

Sector Ed 2


I spent a bunch of time working on a sector editor that runs inside of unity. This means that I can theoretically build doom style levels in unity very very easily. I don’t actually know who I am making this for. So far, all I have to show for it are some neat screenshots.

Sector Ed 3

Sector Ed 4

Delia Mute

Delia Mute

A roguelike I made in pico-8. It has memory issues that mean you can’t play through a full game, but it is pretty nice outside of that. Was thinking that I would port it to iOS, and then completely forgot about that plan.

The other things

I spent a significant amount of time working on a CYOA editor for iOS. I don’t think it is for me though, so it probably won’t get finished. I also spent some time working on my tracker for iOS, which def is for me, but it just feels like I will never recoup my investment on it, so it is painful to work on. So much of this past year has been forcing myself to work on things that I know I will never make any money on, and being sad about that. Hopefully in 2016 I will be able to get over that issue.

2014 year in review.

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