Weekly Dev Log 12/28/15


A much shorter week, due to holidays.


Started porting the web based action editor that I was working on to emscripten. This was pretty necessary due to slowdown in the lua.vm.js bridge functions. I am not doing much beyond writing wrappers for some functions right now.

Spent a little bit of time on the doom editor and iPad CYOA thing as well, but nothing significant. I don’t really know where either of those are going. In particular, the CYOA thing feels too slight to be worth finishing. Maybe I should send it out to people and see if anyone likes it or not.

Coming later this week: my yearly roundup of what I did. I am somewhat looking forward to that.

  • doom editor 0:31:11
  • ipad game editor 1:35:27
  • lua action game editor 4:56:59
  • mostly circle contract work 0:54:58
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