Weekly Dev Log 12/20/15


Another week, another project.


I spent a little time tackling bugs from the doom editor and the iOS CYOA editor this week. The doom editor got a major fix committed (3 concentric sectors would cause all sorts of headaches), and I started work on better face picking / texture application.

Action ed lua

Around march or april of this year, I had released a game making tool that never got any traction with anyone. I think a big part of that was I wasn’t using it myself, but it was also deeply strange for a number of reasons. Most of them had to do with the underlying complexity of the sdk. I had started trying to clean it up, but ended up realizing that it needed a full rewrite. That was too much to handle, so I dropped the project.

This week I came back to it, and rewrote nearly the entire sdk in lua. It took about a day. I spent another day banging my head against some strange bugs in lua.vm.js. This isn’t ready for release yet, but it is close. I am hoping that more people will be excited about it, since I smoothed out a ton of the issues.

  • accounting 0:46:03
  • doom editor 6:05:41
  • ipad game editor 0:39:36
  • lua action game editor 12:41:56
  • mostly circle contract work 2:14:13
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