Weekly Dev Log 12/8/15


Primary time this week was catching up with the books. I took on Morgan’s books too, which are way more complicated than mine, since she has inventory and vendors and about 15 different ways to process payments.


I got a major bug fixed with the doom editor, and then immediately found a new bug. Part of the fun of this project is that I am doing it with test driven develoment, so when I break something new I get about a million red lights. I hope I get the core sector finding code sorted soon though, because it is frustrating to just be mucking around with that endlessly.

doom ed bug notes

Other time this week was ressurecting some older projects that I spent time on earlier this year and were suffering from code rot. The iPad game editor is a fun one, and the last time I was working on it I had stripped it back to minimum viable product in notes, now I just need to go through and actually build the thing.

  • accounting 8:51:24
  • doom ed 3:30:52
  • ipad game editor 0:52:02
  • little iPhone Tracker 0:50:38
  • plotter 0:54:09
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