Weekly Dev Log 11/22/15


Normally I leave off the “here is what I did recently post” until the end of the year. I am feeling the need to get some of that love early this year, so I am going to try doing a weekly update. Hopefully this will keep me focused and dedicated to the little projects that I am plugging on.

I am going to redact some of the details of contract and other necessary redactable work.



I have been working on this doom sector style level editor that lives inside of unity on and off for a few months now. It isn’t to the point where it is really fast or fun to use yet, but I am closing in on bugs at the very least. This week I worked on some really necessary features, including moving lines and verts around. The secondary thing that I am working on with this is a cover game for this forum thread that everyone except me has forgotten about.

  • doom ed - 11:46:33
  • bugs - 2:49:32
  • building level - 1:53:44
  • performance - 4:31:18
  • moving lines - 1:20:24
  • moving verts - 0:26:10
  • undo 0:45:00

Mostly Circle contract work - 9:19:00

Community work - 2:41:25

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