One Game a Month / Fun a Day Update

I just completed the third chunk of One Game a Month, more or less. This one is "a game called T@XY":, and it was done as part of the 7 day rogue like challenge. I have not put either this game or "the one that I did for the last game a month": on my website, or anywhere other than the wilds of twitter, due to the fact that I am not that proud of them. They have both been little games that while they had the core loop in them, didn't seem to rise to the level of being interesting. I fear that my larger game projects are making me forget how to accomplish jam games, and also making my expectations for my own games rise past the point where I can accomplish them as an individual (due to the fact that I am working with a team every day). I think I am also losing sight of why to do jam games, which is to explore and prototype. If 1 in 5 jam games is alright, that is probably an ok record. While I was working on this one, I was also felt like I should have been working on this larger project, one which is on its "3rd iteration without a public release": I think this time through I might actually have the drive to finish it though. One of the issues is that the core of that project is so big, it is hard to hold it all in your mind at once. I currently have about a third of the core in on this current iteration, but I am hoping to be able to focus my free time on it after getting back from GDC, and maybe get a playable / usable version of it out for the next GAM. "Martin vs Monty": probably will take us into the 5th month unfortunatly, but that one is also coming along nicely, it is to the point where I don't feel at all bad showing it to people. Simulateously to all that, I am continuing to do Fun a Day for the entire year. I have yet to print the zine for month two, but I am putting up the "photos from month three on the web as I go along": Going to the states while attempting to continue making lego scupts is going to be interesting, and difficult I imagine. I don't yet know what I am going to do in month 4 for that, but I am leaning towards something that I can actually accomplish on the train this time around.
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