The wide wide world of coding

Holy beejeez have I been busy. I don't really have much I can show for it yet, but it seems like a good enough time to tease a few things. First, I threw a game together for last months experimental gameplay project. Unfortunately the game was total crap, but a video popped out. I think it is uncouth to show vaporware trailers, but what the fuck do I care, I am an artiste! "Peep it": For "fun a day": (which I am currently failing at, due to other obligations) I was trying to code a game / animation a day. The best one is "fun a day 3":, which is a one button game for mac osx. My favorite parts are the double jumping, and how simple it is to play. Woo! For my second playable game, I am pretty happy. I also just recently threw together some live video processing on the iphone. The code is not yet available, nor do I have a usable app, but I am totally into how "this API": captures anything on the screen. feedback computer + morgan It reminds me of how I used to fuck up in the dark room and end up with images that had pieces of glass or the numbers from filters super imposed on them. I am sure this isn't going to last into the next release of the iPhone SDK, so I better enjoy it now. The final thing is that I have been suffering from horrible arm pain for about the last three months. I finally started moving on it this week, and the first visit I had told me that I might need surgery. I went to another therapist, and they claimed that I wouldn't. I am starting to feel more hopeful about the whole thing. Also, I threw up a software section. Go Grabz.
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