Visionary Arts Festival (software release edition)

This weekend I am participating in the Visionary Arts Festival in Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. I am showing two new pieces here, a graphical programming language for iPhone called itch (named for the software of inspiration, mit’s scratch), and a set of tunnels and soundtracks programmed for NDS, PSP and Arduino.

I have posted a few demo videos of itch:

Itch Demo 1 from jonbro on Vimeo.

Itch Demo 2: Variables from jonbro on Vimeo.

The source code to itch is available on github, and I will be working on it, and adding features throughout the weekend.

Also, I was informed this morning that mujik has gone live on the app store. What a weekend, I am going to melt into a puddle like the t-1000.

My Booth

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