Catch the Wav

I have won a film festival with the video below: Kind of suprising, I totally expected it to get boo'ed. I made the video for thing a day back in 2006, and only sent it out to the disposable film fest. Luckly I had expected to send it to some other festivals, so I had a high res version around. My hard drives crashed twice between the time I made it and the time I entered it, so there was only the youtube copy and my unmailed dvd submissions. Also, my buddy k9d got inspired by the flying destructicate, and started doing microbooks. Check out "dinoaids": for the releases. "I just did one of covers for the TWR project": They are super tiny, you just need a color printer and standard paper to print and assemble them. I like the lo-res netlabel nonsense aesthetic approach he is taking with the whole project. I am still looking for a netlabel to deal with releasing my jonbro-something album, but I am getting closer and closer to just posting it here. I think the legs on that project are becoming increasingly feeble.
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