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We are in the final production stages of this giant book that I have been working on with Encyclopedia Destructica for the past 6 months or so. It ended up clocking in just under 500 pages, which is kind of mind bogglingly big for a handmade print publication. The covers are all neon and grey and have little poems on them by starpaws, and awesome drawings from Chris of Encyclopedia Destructica. The grand total comes to 8 little books, and one big book all contained within a fancy slipcover.

The Main book has the following work from me:

  • A series of 3d models based on photos of empty rooms that people publically uploaded to the internet
  • Landscapes, two generations removed, from directions given on twitter by anonymous posters
  • Several motivational posters
  • A lecture (with script and materials necessary to give the presentation again)

The main section of the book also contains new works from the following artists:
Alberto J. Almarza, Juliacks, Rick Gribenas and Josh Atlas.
They were given the prompt to work on “invisible forces”, which is the same place that I started from.

I also organized two evenings of lectures on a wide variety of topics. The only rules were that the presentations could not be on the contents of the presenters day jobs. Of the 24 lectures given, 8 were reprinted and bound along with the main book. The lectures reprinted are by:
M. Callen, T. Foley, Curt Gettman, Brett Kashmere, Laura MIller, Shaun Slifer, Greg Siegle, and Jim Storch

The book release info is as follows:

  • The Flying Destructicate: Make Your Own Truth book release and award presentation
  • January 31st
  • 5:30pm – 8:30 @ the Miller Gallery on CMU’s campus.

Presentations by

  • T. Foley
  • Greg Siegle
  • Laura Miller
  • Jonathan Brodsky
  • and a sound performance by Rick Gribenas

And the book is out!

A review from the city paper of the release event

A review of the book

Purchase the book, 25$

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