Upcoming Shows

Holy Crap dudes, two upcoming shows! Apparently if I set my mind to it, something will totally happen. On Friday, August 24th, at Garfield Artworks, 8pm (probably 5-7 dollars, all ages) Huxtables (totally sweet trashy instrumental surf rock) SnakesSayHisss (synthpop sweetness) JonBro (its me! more on that at the end of the post) Jacob Pope & The Free Agents Some video from The Huxtables the huxtables-Hopper C
and then!!! At Kopec's (3523 Penn Ave) on Saturday, September 1st at 10pm (5$ and 21+) Captain Ahab (fucking mental early 90's homoerotic synthpop) Realicide (Experimental Happy Hardcore?) LORD BIRD GOLDEN DISKO SHOWER and JonBro (ME!!!@?#!@?) I am super excited to play with captain ahab. I remember discovering their music right after mp3.com went belly up. Holy crap. It is like a little slice of my past. What I am up to? I have been doing backing tracks on the GP2x with live drumming and singing, and I am fucking proud of it. If anyone wants to book me in their city, let me know. I am pumped for some touring right about now.
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