twitter overflow 1

just finished a 4 hour long meal. totally satisfied. had chicken with chili and lime, beer, corn, and chocolate. laid in the grass and looked at the stars. I would have put this in twitter, but I was 5 characters over the limit. This is happening with disturbing frequency, look for posts on this blog to pick up with increasing frequency at least until I can figure out a better solution. Another thing that is in the pipe is this twitter to facebook status bridge. It is clearly not done, but a quick/fun project none the less. If you would go ahead and edit the login and password information for your accounts on both of these services and setup a cron job to call this script, you would be golden. Also, you are gonna need the facebook bot, which just happens to be the first opensource project that I have ever contributed to. Here is the download. As a final note, here is a download of an ep that I finished in the past month or so. It is mostly techno bangers, with a brief excursion into videogamemusic. I promise that the next one will be on a proper netlable rather than mixed in with soooo much crap. Thanks for downloading in the meantime, and Thanks to onnyc for the dope ass cover! Download: JonBro - Pillar of Schmaltz!.
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