Blockparty 2007 wrapup

Ledge Bird

I just got back from blockparty 2007, and it was freaking great. For those not initiated on the concept of a demoparty, as explanation, the ubiquitous wikipedia link. I have never been to a demo party before, but as my consciousness said when I preregistered, “my 14 year old self will not forgive me for skipping this”.

Truthfully, it has been a while since I have watched any demos, but being in a room full of demo fans screaming a visual when some sweet tunnel effect comes up on screen was totally fantastic. A bunch of the demos brought a tear to my eye. Also the passion of all the demoscene people was palpable. It was really nice to be in a room with people that are passionate about computer graphics for arts sake, and in a concepts be damned, lets push some pixels kind of way.

I entered only three of the compos this year, and managed to only come in last place in one of them. I came in second in a “freestyle compo” which was freestyle rapping over that timbaland track ripped from a demoscene tune. For that I won an effects pedal from Effector 13, which is fucking awesome. I came in second to last in the freestyle music compo (any type of entry) and came in last in the chiptune compo. Ah well, next year better eq’ing and better music. I imagine the entries will be available on the web at some point, and I will throw up a link to them when I get it.

Also while at the party I managed to finish off an entry for the lgpt 10k contest and it is up on the web right now. I am really enjoying the dubsteppy chip stuff, and I think I am gonna try to do a whole ep worth of it eventually. And in related, “new releases” news, an ep that I did for meltrecords is also up on the web now. That one is more of a dark electro thing, and there are some great remixes on it from both 5dots, the melt records head, and the amazing rolo, who really made the track that I gave him great. So, go download This shower is a suspended bucket.

Any who! next year, and there will be a next year, as it has been promised by the great jason scott, I will hopefully be entering many more of the compos, esp. the demo compo. BECAUSE DANG IT TUNNELS ARE AWESOME! Greetz and thanks to everyone there, you all made it super fun.

As a bonus, two deloreans passed me on the drive back to Pittsburgh. Back to the future dudes, back to the future.

two deloreans in western pennsylvania

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