Monthly catchup

Hello there, I just cleaned the corner of my room. This is what it looks like right now. clean corner That corner used to look more like the opposite corner of my room which is slowly collapsing under the weight of my clothing. In fact, it used to be full of clothing, but I have just made a bag of stuff to go to goodwill. Since the last post, I did a bunch more videos, which are on my youtube stream. I think the best one is this ad mash. Other high points of the youtube stream are dancebot and dronemash. There is also some more static work on my flickr stream. I am still recovering from the creative act month, but I have an animation in progress, which should be done somewhere in april if I am really lucky and focused. Ok, talk to you later! an addendum. I read the Frank Miller Elektra: Assassins book, and it was severely fantastic, at least as far as the art was concerned. I also read the Evan Dorkin Dork: Volume 1 book, and it was pretty good, if you can get past the self hatred and the slave labor graphics drawing style all over the place. I can't really stand that publishing house due mostly to the fact that all of their artists draw EXACTLY THE SAME.
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