Rapid creativity, Life Update

I recently participated in a time limited art project, 54hours.org, where you get a sentence on friday evening, and have until sunday night to complete a short movie based on the sentence. This was by far the most relaxed time-limited art project that I have participated in, far less brain destroying than the 24 hour comic, and far less time management focused than the month long album. Also, the fact that it was a team effort added quite a bit to the fun. Feel free to download our submission behind this link.

This weekend was yet another partymode/college friends reunion. I helped Eli Pousson (former roommate) set up his blog, which will probably be anthropology/transportation related. Also, I will be going to NYC on the second of February, and will also hopefully have time to hang out with everyone there.

And yet one final update, if you don’t have enough diary type entries from me, I tend to update my twitter feed with shorter, less interesting and context free stuff.

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