crackheads stole my laptop

Last night, I came home to discover that I could not find my laptop. Thinking that I must have just misplaced it, I went out to get some dinner. Upon returning, it was discovered that my other laptop which was hooked up to the TV was also missing. Clearly, our house had been robbed. I also lost a backpack, my microphone, and the contents of my change jar. The biggest loss was my data. I had not backed up any of the music that I have been working on, nor did I backup any of my other projects. I guess I learned my backup lesson, and it would also appear that backing up to external disks that are in the same room with the laptop probably isn't going to do it. So the result of all this is two-fold. One; I will need to purchase a new computer, which is ok, I think I can be happy with the crackhead induced upgrade cycle. Two; I need to start backing up my data to some offsite location. I guess the loss of all the music that I have been working on is the biggest blow, but it is never a bad time to start again. As an excercise, here are some other people who had laptops stolen from them, presumably by crackheads.
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