Upcoming show

Hello folks, everybody who both reads this blog and lives in pittsburgh has probably already heard this first hand, but just in case I missed anyone, I am playing a show at the Brillobox on December 5th, 2006. Here is the event info as a block of text for those that will understand it better. Planned Parenthood fundraiser Brillobox, Friendship, Pittsburgh, USA 8pm, December 5th, 2006 I am currently in the process of remixing my old songs, and making some new ones. This is my first live show in about one and a half years, so hopefully it will go alright. audio (and video) hopefully forthcoming. [edit] I just found out that the event starts at 5:30. I can't imagine that I will be playing music that early though. But I think that is how early you can start donating to planned parenthood by drinking.
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