Music to get the ball rolling to

Just finished a quick sketch of a track and uploaded it for you to take a listen. Actually, it took me about a week to get it done, I normally try to get things out of the way quicker than that. I am Forest, Creature. Also, recently, I have been going to a bunch of shows, specifically of musicians that not only use electronics as the center of their setup, but also provide an interesting stage show. If any of these musicians comes through your town, feel free to go see them, they are all fantastic:
  1. Daedelus: wierdo electronic / sample based bedroom hip hop.
  2. Dosh: Hip hop equivelent of Andrew Bird, plus very worn instruments. Down tempo warmth through looper pedals.
  3. Zombi: This is the odd one out, a John Carpenter influenced prog rock horror movie extravaganza.
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