Home Page Redesign - Badge Edition

I have been meaning to do a redesign of my homepage for a while now, and I just got done with it tonight. Quick!  Go take a look at it, and come right back. I have not really needed the college portfolio style site which has been living in my root directory for a while now, and I have been meaning to replace it with something that can stay more current with my life. I am sure the "all-feed" home page is not a new idea, but designing around all of those different forms of content was quite a bit of a pain. After some initial forays into trying to get a unified theme on all of them, I realized that I can just do the old "use someone elses design as a crutch" and wrap it in my own mess. So that is exactly what I did. There are still a few feeds that I would like to add there, and perhaps even build a few of my own services to help fill out my page (a self contained about box, perhaps a little shoutboard), but I am quite happy with my evenings work. Let me know what you think, glaring oversights, etc. P.S. The portfolio will be coming back, just in a more easy to maintain format, perhaps some type of wiki. But that is a project for another night.
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