Some updates

OK! please excuse the lack of posting frequency, I have been very busy for the past month. During that time I completed a move with a few of my former roommates into quite the fantastic house. It has been very busy around here, what with the trying to fill up space and whatnot. I just completed setting up an old powerbook as a media center hooked to the t.v. I am sure the setup phase of this project will continue for a while as I add services (fileshare, webserver, etc.) to the computer, but as it stands, we can use it for music and dvds. Also since I last posted, I had a very brief segment on the nbc nightly news. I made a parody video of the "head on" commercial and posted it to youtube, which was subsequently played on the final segment of the news as an example of the "instant parodies" that the original commercial generated. Also since I last posted, I became an actual full-time employee of wall-to-wall studios, which basically means that I have a health plan, but it hopefully means that I have a bit more job security than when I was working for them as a "full time contractor". My position there is quickly moving towards flash developer, which is not a totally bad place to be, flash is a pretty intersting language, shrouded in about 4000 pounds of poor interface (read: I cannot quite comprehend it). OK, I hope that gets you up to speed, I will post some pictures of the new house as soon as I find my digital camera. Update: Here are some pictures of the new house, as promised.
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