Ruby game frameworks for OS X

The other night, while surfing on the idevgames forum, I found a number of game frameworks that are made for Ruby. While I don't expect to start writing games in any of these right now, I think that they may become more interesting as the user bases mature. Shattered Ruby - An MVC framework for making games, something along the lines of rubyOnRails (for games!). In fact, I think that the creators presented this package at the RailsConf. In all likelyhood, this one will gain the most steam of all the packages here. Aerosol - Accellerated OpenGL 2D framework. I really like this one because the author went a far way to make the syntax of the language really simple. Gosu - Another 2D OpenGL accellerated framework. This one claims to support FMOD, so there is probably alot of fun options for music in this one, but I have yet to install and try it out, so it is mostly included here for completness. RubyGameCommon and RubyGameShellCommon - the second post in this thread has partial directions for getting these up and running. Seem to be swig wrappers for GameShell and something else, probably the most robust of any of these options, but at the same time, these would need the most work to get a frame for you game up and running in. Even so, this repository is worth downloading just for all the great code that is contained within. I felt pretty great when I got one of these games up and running. If anyone finds any other Ruby game frameworks, feel free to leave them here in the comments.
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