Radio show meta-data

Just a quick post today to see how I can cross promote both my radioshow (sundays at noon until 2pm on wrct) and my blog (you are already here). Here are some links to the things that I played on my show that are free to consume... the blibbblobb podcast - amazingly fantastic chiptune remixes with no annoying talking on top bacanal intruder - modem - awesome free net.label release, along the lines of nobukazu takemura, but cuter somehow, and with far less vocoders. Audiogarde - Mardi Gras - from the cock rock disco free compilation, most everything else on this comp is breakcore, but this is one tasty little disco nugget. Tim Koch - Elk Meadow EP - beautiful melodies and simple drum lines from one of the oldest net.labels emil klotzsch - sandkorn - collage sounds, nice melodies, interesting instrumentation
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