Finished an album.

Last month I participated in a project called NARMO, the participants of which attempted to complete a 31 minute long album in one month. I managed to finish under the deadline, and my offering is available now. It would be awesome if you could download the entire album as a zip file but if bandwidth concerns keep you from doing so, you can grab the individual tracks at the project page. This album is a somewhat significant departure from what I normally do, due to the fact that I played some actual physical instrument on every track. I also tried to fit vocals on everything as well, and I think that it came out alright, if somewhat hesitant and melancholy. Some of the other albums that I think are pretty good from the competition are: the Chris Schwan album, which is really intresting ambient and field recordings which duck into techno about halfway through all of the tracks ( Download here ) the Fred Hamilton album, which is pretty silly rock. I don't think it is quite ready for radio play, but it is encouraging somehow. ( Download here ) the counterweights for their totally fantastic cover, and the awesome blog of the person that wrote it. I havn't really given this one enough time, but this track is pretty good ( Download here ) d.edren is well produced idm, but loses points because I have to open up an xml file to find out where to download the mp3s. Currently you have to listen to it in a flash player. 14bits is some techno stuff as well. nice and roomy. ok, hope you enjoy!
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