Some stuff that happened today

just going to throw down a few ideas here real quick so that I don't lose them before tomorrow. Today I had a pretty good day at work, I managed to get a reasonable amount of work done. I am starting to realize that everone else at this job is about as stressed out as I am. after I got home from work, I spent some time going to radio shack and cvs to pick up components to trick out my bike. I bought a length of EL tape off of some classmates about a year point five ago, and I have been thinking that it would be pretty cool as a safety device for my bike since this weekend. After initial testing this evening, I think I can safely say that it is pretty sweet, and the only real problem with the el tape is that I need more of it on my bike. I just got back from a doormouse show which was reletively great. It would have been nice to be able to stay later, because dj cutups, who came on right after doormouse was dropping some sweet ragga-jungle stuff.
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