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I saw this interview with john hodgman (of the daily show) that had a nice format, and having no great skill at coming up with things that I would like to write about I have decided to interview myself in the same style. The way it will proceed is as such: I am going to set my itunes on shuffle, and for each song that comes on (except internet radio) I will describe how it made it into my life. Alright? Ready? here we go. 1. you still believe in me - blue t-shirt: this one is a remix of a beachboys track. I came accross it through the only forum that I have participated in on the internet (em411). Although I generally find that the beach boys make me really sad, this particular remix seems to have sucked all the sad out of the song. Probably because it subscribes to the method of remixing that say that running sound though effects is a good method of adding stuff. From hippocamp (the album that it was on is no longer available due to copyright issues). The rest of their music is free though. 2. As I Come Back - Busta Rhymes: I just heard this song for the first time about 3 weeks ago, but Busta Rhymes is in all likelyhood the first MC that I learned rhymes from. I think that he is my favorite MC from the mid to late 90s. Probably because his style showed up in so much jungle remixes, but I am sure that his hefty posturing had something to do with it. I can definately hear some southern style stuff in here. I don't really know my history, so it could certainly be possible that he borrowed the style, rather than the other way around. RufFFF! lyrics, it would appear that the neptunes did production (also, you can get a 30 second preview on that page) 3. Doctrine - Autechre: This album used to turn me on way more than it does now. I heard it for the first time in the film pi, and it provided a "going to sleep soundtrack" for much of my senior year of high school. Something about the way it was written makes me feel like I am stalling out but upwards. That is totally unclear so let me explain it (this is a pretty long song). In my sophmore year of highschool I went on a trip to alaska with my mom and my sister. On second day in alaska (this was the third week of the trip, we had been in L.A. prior), it was decided that me and my sister should start flying lessons. I think the plan was that we were to chauffer my mom around. By the third lesson the instructor must have realized that we were not going to finish them, so he let me and my sister try some awesome advanced stuff (we flew seperately). Stalling the plane was one of these things. I guess it would be best explained like going over a hill on a roller coaster. I got the same feeling from this album, and still sometimes do when I work really hard at it. another 30 second preview 4. Lava - Collabs 3000: Hmmm, another really long song. I don't have much connection with this one at all, I just added it to my computer last week. I guess it is pretty straight ahead techno. Not really much to say here. I also don't really want to subject my roommates to it that badly, but I am sure I would enjoy it if I had some headphones on.Ok, I am back, now with headphones. I often think about the amount of music that I listen to compared to the amount of music that I am ashamed to share. This track is a pretty good example. I think that if I had left it on, someone probably would have asked me to "please change the music jon". I would really like to be able to share my music more confidently. This style of techno isn't particularly offensive either, or at least it is not as bad as, where I get to listen to idiots from all accross the globe pretend to be Ali G while I get pumped by whatever R+B remix is the top of pops this week in London. some previews 5. Caveman Skank - Lee Perry & The Upsetters: My dub appreciation generally steers more into the king tubby or scratch perry heavy edits, this one is pretty light. I have also really lowered my dub intake for some reason or another. I don't think that I have outgrown it, but something has certainly changed in my appreciation of it. Actually, my favorite dub right now is dubby techno or dubby house. my favorite videogame dub label, a picture of lee perry in the studio, dub creation flash game
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