A short story about techno

I remember the first time that I heard techno music. I was in the back seat of my parents car on the way to a family event at my grandmothers house in north carolina. Any car that I could tell a story about would be my parent's car, but that is a different story for a different night. The reason that we were traveling to north carolina was a christmas party. The objectives of one of the games at the party was to guess how late my family would be.

Because it was a christmas party we were packed in the car with all kinds of gifts. Part of the journey had been spent with the lights on, because we needed the light to wrap the presents with. When the radio started playing techno the lights were off. It might not have been techno, it could have just been an electronic phenomena, waves canceling out waves. There was a beat there, and I begged my parents to leave it on.

I remember the beats going on forever, my parents would change the station and I would ask them to change it back, and the clicking would still be there. My mother claimed that the sound was designed to induce a trance, that perhaps it was used in cults to brainwash people. I listened as long as I could. I wanted to hear the beat change.
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