Help with the redesign

I just started working on the redesign this afternoon, and I would like to just have a little fun contribution session.

If any of our multitude of readers (that is you yann) could write some one liners describing what this blog is or why you read it, I will include it in the redesign. It is totally like a magazine contest, except instead of getting moderately excited about winning, you will get a similar feeling to when you toss a bum a quarter on a street corner.

some ideas to get you started:

why read if it isn't the deep thoughts of a hot cam girl?
for your consideration: a link that I found on someones personal diary
we are all friends here. OR SO THEY THOUGHT. a new movie from jerry bruckhimer.
if you think you can't write or have nothing to say... check THIS out

anyways... just drop them in the comments section.
and hold onto your pants for the upcoming redesign. it is gonna be a scorcher.
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