Two Items.

I have had a similar reaction to two seperate and wildly different pieces of media that I managed to consume over that past 24 hours. The first piece of media was this bizzaro anime that is showing on cartoon network called one piece. Really what set me off about this animation was the opening, which laid out the plot as a boy trying to find the treasure of the king of the pirates. This opening also explained that the kid had super powers, and was done in a really shoddy pop - hip - hop style.

I think I am outgrowing this stuff. Not even ghost in the shell excites me anymore.

Something that I found today, however, made me super excited and happy. That is the booty bass that is coming out of the favelas in rio and sao palo brazil... This stuff is not that great, in fact it kinda reminds me of early 90s radio techno... but dang!!! it is fucking RAW!!! you can hear that this stuff was produced on no budget at all. The low fi samplers, the noise in the mics. It is SOOOO FUCKING GOOD. You can hear people having fun, and I don't hear that too much in the music that I listen to.

a big collection of albums (in mp3 form) here.
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