Bill Moggridge lecture at Carnegie Mellon University

I only started about 20 minutes in, but here are my lecture notes from the IDEO lecture at CMU school of design.

The thrust of the lecture was to get people to sign up for jobs at IDEO. An interesting lecture, but not really all that great, I guess not that surprising considering that it is a giant company.

the one thing that I really wanted to know was if their designers came up with product sectors outside of the Zero-20 group (the toy designers). I feel like that would be a nice place for me to work, that is creating sweet ass product concepts for companies that don't even have an idea, just piles of money and engineers in the hallways and conference rooms.

Also, I just stabbed live-blogging in the face. It is totally dead.


second section: prototyping...

the have prototyping labs where you send your cad/cam models(traditional)
Experience Prototyping
we need a new way of creating things when we work with people, not just create things for them

how to prototype an underwater camera
spyfish (H2I)
interaction design problem (HUD)
Started as a game, control a person in a conference room holding a video camera, has a monitor outside to transfer the instructions in.
team of 6 people to understand the problem (with out actually creating anything.

how to prototype a digital camera interface
kodak built an experience prototype (big clunky, big display, large buttons, clearly a prototype)
included all of their interface concepts.
following this, IDEO made system concepts.

most difficult prototype...
for a museum piece dealing with how peoples workspaces look.
created a personal sky cubicle, sit in a chair, pick up the phone and choose the sky that you wanted over your head.
the chair would store an image of the back of your shirt and display it on the chair.

make your product video like the product is actually being sold, except remember that you can make it as long as you want.

also, sometimes don't do that, when the idea is "pie in the sky"

also, prototypes can be crappy (like made out of trash), just as long as you have the potential users sitting around with you.

experience prototype for a company without even a product.

use existing products, and heavily show what the users will actually be doing.
(no voiceover)
show an entire story (resolve?) serveral uses of the service, even if identical different connotations

WHORE! (it was just CBS was being really nice to them)

KINda creepy video about hiring process, where each canidate is in a seperate room, and they are on CC video, one of the canidates decides to drink coke, and is forcibly ejected from the building.
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