Strange internet happenings

tonight I just discovered a phantom post. I assume that my readers already know about (but in case you don't, it is a nice method of increasing your short term memory, or maybe not; read on faithful reader) but anyways, I went to my list tonight and discovered something that I have no memory of linking to. I would like to think that it was some voodoo demons that got inside my compy while my internet access was spotty earlier tonight, but I know that gibsonesque fatasies like that are probably a little far fetched.

even better would be some epic 2014 type stuff (you know, link, custom tailored news to the point where the recipient is so happy about the content that they no longer care about the source.)

the most likely scenario is that I just linked it myself and forgot about it. Maybe this is some type of critical mass (I have been trying to reach it recently by posting every little thing that I find even remotely interesting). The contents of the post are this link... and the word AWESOME!!!

and that it is. a really cool project that I think I would care about if I were to read the site, but I guess because I have it linked I will just do that later.


UPDATE: Apparently I was logged into a school computer and eli clicked the "post to delicious" link on it, and it happend to be something that I was interested in. No grand conspiracy. maybe next time.
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