long tail delicious exploit

Continuing the thread of ideas that I might be able to develop is an extension for delicious.

I think that one of the major missing features is the ability to grab stuff that existed in the long tail realm. The only current solution for this is to constantly scrub the links of people that you cared about, or to just find the websites on your own.

It would be a "kind of popular" tag, which would grab the links that had only been posted by 7 other people. Once a page had been deemed worth the time of seven, than it would be passed on to me only if it met one other condition, which is that it got no more links to it for the next three days (to lower meme passthrough potential).

Another way to solve the problem would be to check for tags that only had a very low number of posts to them (under 50) yet were crossposted with things that you cared about.

links to come.
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