an email to my dad

I wrote this email to my dad yesterday.

you may be interested in it...

Remember how we were looking at those head mountable displays for
virtual reality a few years ago? I seem to recall that they were a
little too expensive for a weekend project, but I ran across something
a few days ago, and realized that it may be applicable...


the project that she is using it for is not really the same at all,
but if you check out the ebay search for the screen that she
reccomends, it is only 17 dollars!!! (10 dollars less than the price
she quotes on her page)...


I think that it takes a standard composite video input as well.

even if you were not going to build a wearable computer, or a head
mounted display, that is unbelivably cheap for a backlit lcd screen.

maybe nice for a little cpu monitor / email alert / secondary monitor
for your desktop?

(although, that virtual reality stuff is still super cool, and I think
it is getting daily closer to being way affordable)

I think that the optics and the enclosure are still probably huge
hidden costs. I know that accelerometers are really cheap now.
link , need two placed at
right angles for 3 axis tracking, plus it is good enough for autopilot
for helicopters (model ones at least)

this is what reminded me.

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