some things are italicized

Elijahsays: now lets change the topic to the usefulness of italics
Allansays: Italics are useful to emphasize single words or to give whole sentences newfound authority.

Also here is a segment on Lactic Acid from our beloved wikipedia:

This lactic acid fermentation occurs in red blood cells since they don't have mitochondria, and in skeletal muscle during intense exertion when sufficient amounts of oxygen cannot be supplied fast enough. This lactate is released into the bloodstream. The typical lactate concentration in the blood is 1-2 mmole/L. The liver takes up about 60% of the lactate and reoxidizes it to pyruvate, which is then reconverted to glucose in a process known as gluconeogenesis. The glucose enters the bloodstream and can be used by the tissues. This glucose → lactate → glucose cycle, originally described by Carl and Gerty Cori, is known as the Cori cycle. About 40% of the lactate is taken up by well oxygenated muscle cells and oxidized to pyruvate, which is then directly used to fuel the citric acid cycle.
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