A barely annotated link, newssource, and art software politics

Warren Ellis, as one of my readers knows, and the other perhaps does not, has some interesting things to say about the future. He address the issue of where your jetpack is, and why we are not on mars yet with the following witty phrases.
People are disappointed with the future they’re living in. Since 2001, the refrain has gone up, louder year by year: “This is the future. Where’s my flying car? Where’s my fucking jet pack?” Pre-millennium, we were living in an unprecedented density of imagined futures, and we assumed it was all waiting for us around the corner. And here we are, around the corner, and none of it is standing here.
well, acutally that block quote was totally worthless, but I assure you, the rest of the article is solid gold platinum, the only heavy metal worth dealing in.


Speaking of articles, I decided last night to become a contributer to the wikinews project. I edited three drafts, and today they have come up on the front page (although they did not make it to the rss feed). I would love to just barely annotate this link, but I think that is in bad form, so let me let you in on what I think. I am not a newsreader by any measure, but I do enjoy finding out about interesting items in the news. I am not a newswriter either, but I do enjoy helping others find out about what is going on in the world. So therefore, wiki is for me, the one that does but doesn't.

A third item that I would like to mention is that adobe software (specifically aftereffects) is really a pile of crap. Sorry, let me extrapolate that a little further... The aesthetic of much of the after effects work that I see is based heavily on the tool, a very plugin centric sort of game. The problem that I have is that the tool requires you to wait for a very long time to create these effects. Why can't it realtime render? Would that have been so hard? I have seen the effects that I am trying to create done in real time in video games, and at higher resolutions as well.

I think that the reason that after effects does not render in real time is because adobe is in line with hardware manufacturers. Just an unsupported thought.
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