Holding it down

I would like to try a new method of posting that will hopefully create better posts for readers, and that will in turn make me happier about what I post to this blog. This method will be working on a post every day, but only posting every two days.

I working on an animation right now (or should I say, I am trying to work on it, but this dang browser window is in my way) and while working on it, I am questioning myself about what it is worth and why I am doing it... I have yet to come up with an answer, other than, it is cool and maybe will help me get a job in the future.

I also have finished up a little patch that controls audio playback based on how fast I play the drums, and it is a bit of a dope ass guitar solo type thing. I am going to make a music video for it tomorrow (or later tonight, perhaps, and post it on this blog).

Sometimes I think that if I had worked a bit more on writing in school my writing in general would be better. What makes this writing bad? I think that perhaps it is both because I don't have enough questions, nor do I have enough answers, I just have a head full of globo-corporati caffine and a broken keyboard. This combination clearly results in some fustration, but I know you, fine reader (and friend) can deal with it.

I would like someone to throw me a birthday party. I will provide links to all of my profiles on webbased personal services, if you would like. Really, what I am looking for is the opportunity for me and my friends to all drink ourselves into submission while listening to some good music. Ok, wait, I actually just want to have a dance party. I have some Dj friends. ok, lets make this happen. together we will stand strong, celebratory, with our fists held high in the air, sweat streaming off of our bodies, empty of all consciousness save for the fact that we remember that stupid post that we wrote on the internet (to our audience of 2) fantasizing about our party.

also, I would like to have the type of mind that produces poorly formed thoughts suitable for printing on the back of japanese peoples t-shirts. There is something really good about the two words "fuzzy robot".
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