so, I did my week (was it two?) of blogging every day, and I think that I came up with a few good pieces of content, but it was really cutting into my time, and I could not keep up with it. I would like to do it again some week, but I am not really sure when.

Zero Quality Control 2 is out now, and I have sold about half of the issues already. If you would like a copy, it is only a dollar, and I would be glad to accept your paypal payment (just make sure to include your address for shipping). I think I will release it on the web within the week, but you know, paper is cool!

I have been working a bit on a floppy disk album, which I hope will be about 10 songs and a music video. I think that most people are not using floppy disks anymore, but whatever. I will also release it on the internet simultaneously. It is quite the challange to fit a whole album on a floppy disk, but the methods remind me of the good old gameboy, so that is pretty exciting.

I had a funny idea for a photoseries involving my webserver blowing up, after me hosting some delicious extension on it, but I don't have a digital camera. Hahaha, I remember those times when I tried to pass off the gameboy camera as a digital camera. oh, man, good times.

Also, to contribute to the global metadata, I have this link for you today, connecting you to the always amusing Josh at fireland. He contributes some nice thoughts about where the web went, and coming from 2003 it is pretty insightful. Let me block quote a little for you, so that you can laugh along, and maybe even hit the hyperlink.
The weblog—and I’m using the original definition here, namely oft-updated annotated links—became the default personal site. I mean of course: it’s easy content. It’s like when you’re in the office kitchen trying to like maybe quietly enjoy a juice box for once and some guy comes in and starts reading the paper and saying Can you believe that? And: What do you make of that?
oh, man, this guy is smart. Feel free to peruse the rest of his site!
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