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so, I have been reading some stuff tonight about the death of dance (as in music that would be classified as such, not the movements). I know that most people don't care, but I think that it is pretty interesting that all these people grew up, or whateve. Gutterbreakz links to a few arguements and has some comments of his own...
The thing about technologically-driven music is that, during those certain 'white heat' phases, it develops and mutates at such a ferocious rate that sometimes you feel that the original ideas didn't get a chance to be fully explored, as with Darkside Jungle. I spent nearly fifteen years telling anyone who would listen that the synthpop/futurist* period circa 1978-82 was ripe for fresh exploration...
Yet when the revival actually began, I was horrified by the majority of it.
As for myself, I am mostly interested with what the hell is happening in two places...
Gangzta/krunk/hip-hop is dead and come back to life as a flesh eating zombie and whatever the fuck "eskimo" is (Grime/dubstep/NUSKOOL-UKG). I like to think of whatever hiphop has mutated into is the most bizzare stuff to dance to. It is strange to see people dancing to tongue slap rythyms (snoop dogg - drop it like its hot).

Eskimo it turns out, is not in fact music made for dancing to while wearing those silly eskimo looking jackets (although they can certainly dance to it), it is a track by a guy named Wiley (although according to some sources, it may be somebody elses track). I think that one of the things that I like most about all this grime stuff is what is written about it, but that may be because I don't have the inside perspective on the scene.

I guess the best way to deal with it is just to start dropping some of these tracks the next time I am allowed to dj, and see how people deal with it. I think that it may just be too wierd.

also, I was going to share some acid house that I have been writing, but I think I am just going to share the eskimo track instead.
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