So, I know I should go to sleep, but I am puttering around the internet wondering what the hell is up with all this shit.

First up, I don't think that the page rank system that google uses is really terrible. I just think that you should be able to do things like get the results in reverse order, or at random, or like flashcards. I also think that link ranking should somehow be based on the rank of what you link to, so that you could get search results that would run from links to respected to links to disrespect and then everywhere inbetween. This is clearly oversimplification, but I think that the real method of improving the problems with google is not taking away functionality or using subpar rating systems, but rather to develop new rating systems that take into account the fact that people really use this stuff.

Second up, I can add your links to the side bar... Anybody in?

Third, while googling my name, I discovered a strange thing, and that was my address came up with the second hit. This concerning fact was pointed out to me by Eli earlier tonight, and it makes me wonder what I can do about it. It also made me wonder who this person in first was, who is linking to them, and why they rate. I chalk it up to the fact that I have been using a pseudonym almost since the beginning of my service on the internet.

Fourth, slightly further down the search results, I found this disconcerting little album review which I wrote near the beginning of my romance with the internet.

notice the following...
I have found that this music works best around middle-aged women, and people who just need to relax.
and later on...

Great Music to Play While: Romancing
uhhh, wtf?!?!?

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