yellow birthday cake

[verse 1]
G Am Am G
last night I had some yellow birthday cake, it was protected by a friend until it got ate.
I am on a plan to gain some weight by the end of minute or at least eight.

Dm E Am
please tell me, mister what you got there.
can you spare a change to spare.
hey there, buddy, what choo selling,
break some off and make a killing.

Dm Em (Dm transposed 3) E A7
find your self another pathway…
this ones been taken for a walk.
find your self another hallmark…
this ones been taken around the block.

[verse 2]
let the record spin out and play, I doubt they were listening anyway.
speakerboxes on the sidewalks, remaindered visions from somebody elses thoughs.

say is that ok,
the rip off?
I will keep my voice low,
so nobody hears…


[bridge… aka verse with retared ass solo]

[chorus to fade out.]

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