Difficulty with music software.

last night I spent about 3 hours on di phone with my sister, helping her ta get ableton live up and running. live is di argueably di easiest piece of music software ta use, and without a doubt one of di prettiest, but deh was many a snag along di way. most of these snags were hardware related (turned out, her sound card would work in one usb port and not di other) and I just had some audio hardware snags dis ya morning, so I am ready ta filp out on dis ya business.

I was over at di radio station, doing my thing, and I thought ta myself, hmm, maybe I will play some mp3z off of my laptop. I hooked it up, and did so, but I got ta tell I and I, di signal ta noise ratio on my laptops headphone jack is horrendous. wa mek oh jah wa mek couldn't toshiba just have built in a bad soundcard or barring that, wa mek has one not made it ta di market in di sub 100 range that has quarter inch jacks on it. I have had it up ta yahso with eighth inch. it is really truely crap.

also, last night, I thought ta myself...
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