short check up

so, it is really late, and I need to wake up in 6 hours to run a LARPG (google it) for little girls, but because of my strive to post every day, I am going to drop something on you that I should probably just send to (check it out) ummm, and maybe I won't even hypertext it correctly. ..


it seems to be part of some mp3 giveaway artist type thing, which I hope to become one of. Also, I just had an idea tonight, to make music that sounds like that first time you listened to an album at 45 just because you could. you know, because you can't anymore, and that was really sweet.

also, I am starting to find this thread, you may see it in the comments there on the link that I posted, but it is also going on over at gutterbreakz, about ghettotech music and how electronics are fitting into that. I walked into my room tonight and was presented with a large pile of gear (mostly electronic, some customized stuff, some normal instruments, about 50 pounds [maybe more] altogether), and I wondered, what would someone who knows music only from top 40 and garage bands think of this horrible pile of shit.
I would like to think that I am somehow bridging the gap with my prosumer approach, but it may be that the studio that gave rise to the 80s sound has finally made it home, and if so, why the fuck are we still listening to music that sounds the same as the cutting edge did in the late 70s.
As I write this however, I should point out that I am listening to videogame music that has been expertly remixed into easy listening/makeout music. So, you know, catch up with this shit people, and accept my piles of ghetto ass electronic gear.
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