Catching up

I spent some quality mIRC time catching up with an old friend. Also, Jon, you've been blogging like a lumberjack man, props to that shit.

* Now talking in #blah
* Topic is 'It's as Anne as the nose on plain's face.'
* Set by Allax on Mon Dec 06 18:41:14
[Elijaoutsijah] dude there are some light notebooks coming out
[Elijaoutsijah] this fujitsu p7000 is 3.3 lbs
[Elijaoutsijah] and its 1.1 ghz mobile processor
[Elijaoutsijah] its crazy
[Elijaoutsijah] soon we'll have some cool shit
[Elijaoutsijah] but batteries arent becoming any more powerful
[Elijaoutsijah] so we are eating up more and more power exponentially
[Elijaoutsijah] but not matching up with the energy resources
[Elijaoutsijah] so lets see.. burnout... civilization.. in a couple of years? =)
[Allax] I can't wait
[Allax] Going back to nature will rock.
[Allax] I'll probably die fast
[Allax] But the little time I have to enjoy nature would rock.
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