A few thoughts and possible directions

Today as I was walking from my house to WRCT [my radio station] I realized the reason that I chose to study design was not from any super starz or books, but rather because I really liked rave flyers. well, I got to tell you, that was the most bomb ass decision that I ever made, because now I still have the opportunity to find a super star to inspire me. The thought that triggered this thought was about my uncle, who was supposedly inspired to become a doctor by reading a book called "the lives of a cell".

on a different note, I think that this blog may look like a live journal for a second now, because I will be posting daily. I think I may do some work on the backend of the site that is running on the server that I have managed to keep up for the past week, and then migrate my post from this blog, and a blog that I was working on about 3 year ago over to that box.

on yet another note, it seems like css is a bomb wild thing to do. so, maybe I will learn a little bit by hax0ring up a css zen garden.

well, that was some dumb writing, but my method at getting better at anything is just to practice everyday.
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