Art gallery attendent

I am an employee at an art gallery that is on my college campus, and for the most part I enjoy my job quite a bit. The artists that come through here seem to be interesting enough, and the masters students shows are always good (the last one had a psychadelic water bed that I napped on occasionally).

The current show, however, seems to be something different, or at least worth writing a few words about. I am currently sitting on the third floor, in the midst of an exhibit by david robbins. The exhibit is a collection of work related to his "ice cream social" a collection of different pieces including a tv show, some poetry, a movie, some bowls, and other stuff. The book that describes his work explains it by saying that he is exploring the events of one night during which he hung a painting at a baskin robbins. While I like his repetition, I find that with so much work that he has supposedly put into this, the floor could be a bit more than two projections, a few refridgerators and some vinyl lettering (god, someone needs to ban that stuff. at least ban artists from using it.)

I like the mood that is established, but really, it seems like there could be just a bit more here.
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