Slava vishe Gospodi

Praise God in the highest. He has granted us:

Posted by timothy on Wednesday November 17, @01:00PM
from the creative-misapplication dept.

parasew writes "Nanoloop 2.0 for GameBoy Advance is Out! The GBA-Cartridge features a 8-voice Synthesizer an 8-Track Sequencer, a Song Editor and a HD-Recording Option, rendering the GBA one of the most cool digital gadgets for musicians that travel a lot. Extra-gear is a GameBoy-MIDI-Adapter and a Lowpass Filter Cable. Some Reviews of Nanoloop are available in the Web from samplepoolz, HarmonyCentral, and a German one from Parasew. Demo sounds in MP3 format can be downloaded from the site."

Forget graduate school; I am hitting up the school of portable 8-bit sequencing.

Also: I love you Jonathan Brodsky.
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