portability and the bard

I have had something floating just behind my third eye for a while now, something which formed there around the same time I started thinking about performing electronic music. Maybe it formed there even earlier, like when I rented a playstation from blockbuster and brought it home and played it all night. It could have been even earlier, like when I upgraded my gameboy to a gamegear because it had a tv adaptor (which I never bought).

What has been lying there is the bard, the busker, the soundsystem and how it relates to this 8 bit / lo-fi electronics music attack that is happening right now. I don't think it is about nostalgia or interesting sound, I think it is about the fact that an amiga or a gameboy or maybe even a C64 are much more prepared to be musical instruments than any electronic instruments have been in the past. I know that the groove box that I bought certainly was not meant to rock in my backpack and my laptop is missing keys and the power supplys are falling apart. But my gameboy was designed to put up with the same kids that strap m80s to the back of their gi-joes.

I am proposing that the live electronic music performance needs to evolve. It is not about the fact that watching someone behind their laptop is boring, it is about the fact that you know that there laptop is just barely going to make it to the end of the tour.

What should you do???

two words...

smart phones


and long live the portable toy audio attack system.
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