2014 Year in review

Here is a list of the things I made/did last year.

Some Music

I did a better job of breaking out the musical equipment on a semi-regular basis, but since this playlist represents the some total of all the music I finished, it could probably be a little bit better. I did an ok job of getting rid of hangups and just calling things done though.

All Together / Candy Bomb

All Together / Candy Bomb

Two small puzzle games, I think they made a pretty big difference in my gamemaking approach for the year, and finally allowed me to finish the roguelike that I had been thinking about for a long time.

Series: Instruments

A collection of 4 instruments played with xbox controller. Made for the makegame series pagent, and a fun experimentation. One of the songs above is made with one of these instruments. Also I was able to slightly modify one of these to run in kiosk mode at an art installation, which was nice to have a thing sitting around for that purpose.

Zero Zero Projector

Zero Zero Projector

Probably the jammiest game I made in the past year, a collection of ideas just stuck into a single package and kinda rushed to get out the door. I think it is fun enough, but also pretty broken over all. I had actually finished the first version of nightmare cooperative before I finished this one, so I had an idea about how roguelikes were supposed to work.

Download Zero Zero Projector Here

The Nightmare Cooperative

The Nightmare Cooperative

This was the biggest thing I did all year, and it took me about 9 months from beginning to end. We have since sold it to another company, which is nice, since it means that they see longer term potential in its sales than we were able to get. I am a pretty big fan of this game and had an incredibly fun time making the first version of it.

Get Nightmare Cooperative Here

A Bunch of T-Shirts


Twitter was impossible to be on, so I switched my twitter over to a t-shirt advertising business. None of them were turned into physical products, but it was fun to make a shirt a day.

No More Lucky Frame

Was such an amazing ride, and I think that I am totally on a different path with my life now that I have had that experience. Moving on has been tough, but I am excited to see what the future holds.

2013 year in review for comparison.

Android KitKat Emoji

Google does something good every once in a while, and recently they commisioned a set of emoji that is licensed with the liberal apache license. You can get this emoji set in the Noto Sans fontpack.

I have extracted the emoji set to a png set that you can download here. This set happens to be my favorite, because just look at these cute little squishies.


Temporary Twitter Change

Follow me at CoolTShirts2000 until I get bored of posting tshirts.

back to normal

Nightmare Cooperative

nightmare cooperative

A small grid roguelike in which you control multiple characters simulatanously. I have posted a few of my thoughts on the development here.

Links to buy (and more maketing) here: Nightmare Cooperative

Make Game Series pageant

Make Game is a forum which is a sequel and successor to the now defunct superfriendshipclub. I was a sometimes member of the superfriendship club right when I was starting out making games full time. It was an interesting place to hang out, with a much different focus than most of forums for indie games that I had found at the time.

One of the best parts of it was the pageant section, which gave rise to a series of really interesting jams. At the time, I didn’t feel ready to approach the themes, they were too big for me to wrap my mind around. I thought I was ready, but of course the first theme for the ressurected pageants is blowing my mind. Please join me in participating in “Series”.


The instructions from Ian Snyder:

Make a two or more small games all revolving around one central theme or idea that when taken together form one cohesive whole. Make the games good.

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